Area 21 – Atlantic, Northwest

Subarea 21.0 Baffin Island, East Bluff, Bylot Island, Devon Island, Ellesmere Island

  • Division 21.0.A
    Davis Strait, Baffin Island
  • Division 21.0.B
    Davis Strait

Subarea 21.1 Baffin Bay, Davis Strait

  • Division 21.1.A
    Baffin Bay, Melville Bay, Disko Island
  • Division 21.1.B
    Davis Strait, Christianshaab, Store Hellefiske Banke
  • Division 21.1.C
    Davis Strait, Umanarsugssuak, Little Hellefiske Banke
  • Division 21.1.D
    Frederikshaab Glacier, Godthaab, Fyllas Banke, Fiskenaes Banke, Danas Banke
  • Division 21.1.E
    Cape Desolation, Frederikshaab Glacier, Danas Banke
  • Division 21.1.F
    Cape Desolation, Cape Farewell

Subarea 21.2 Labrador coast

  • Division 21.2.G
    Cape Mugford
  • Division 21.2.H
    Hopedale, Cape Mugford
  • Division 21.2.J
    Hopedale, Hamilton Bank

Subarea 21.3 Newfoundland

  • Division 21.3.K
    Cape Freels, Cape Bauld
  • Division 21.3.L
    Cape Freels, Cape St. Mary's, Grand Bank, Avalon Peninsula, St. John's
  • Division 21.3.M
    Flemish Cap
  • Division 21.3.N
    Grand Bank
  • Division 21.3.O
    Grand Bank
  • Division 21.3.P
    Cape St Mary's, St.Pierre and Miquelon Islands, Burin Peninsula

Subarea 21.4 Northwest Atlantic

  • Division 21.4.R
    Gulf of Saint Lawrence, Cape Bauld, Strait of Belle Isle, Cape Ray
  • Division 21.4.S
    Gulf of Saint Lawrence, Labrador-Quebec boundary, P.te des Monts, Anticosti Island
  • Division 21.4.T
    Gulf of Saint Lawrence, Magdalen Islands
  • Division 21.4.V
    Cape North, Fourchu, Eastern Scotland Shelf
  • Division 21.4.W
    Canso, Central Scotian Shelf, Sable Island, Halifax, Nova Scotia Eastern Shore
  • Division 21.4.X
    Western Scotian Shelf, Bay of Fundy, St. Margaret's Bay, Yarmouth, Digby, Grand Manan

Subarea 21.5 Georges Bank, Gulf of Maine

  • Division 21.5.Y
    Gulf of Maine, Bar Harbor
  • Division 21.5.Z
    Georges Bank

Subarea 21.6 Rhode Island

  • Division 21.6.A
    Rhode Island
  • Division 21.6.B
    Cape Henry
  • Division 21.6.C
    Cape Hatteras
  • Division 21.6.D
    Rhode Island
  • Division 21.6.E
    Rhode Island
  • Division 21.6.F
    Rhode Island
  • Division 21.6.G
    Rhode Island
  • Division 21.6.H
    Rhode Island

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