Area 27 – Atlantic, Northeast

Subarea 27.1 Barents Sea (Subarea I)

  • Division 27.1.a
    Barents Sea - NEAFC Regulatory Area
  • Division 27.1.b
    Barents Sea - non-NEAFC Regulatory Area

Subarea 27.2 Norwegian Sea, Spitzbergen, and Bear Island (Subarea II)  

  • Division 27.2.a
    Norwegian Sea (Division IIa)
  • Division 27.2.b
    Spitzbergen and Bear Island (Division IIb)

Subarea 27.3 Skagerrak, Kattegat, Sound, Belt Sea, and Baltic Sea, the Sound and Belt together known also as the Transition Area (Subarea III) 

  • Division 27.3.a
    Skagerrak and Kattegat (Division IIIa)
  • Division 27.3.b,c
    Sound and Belt Sea or the Transition Area (Divisions IIIb,c)
  • Division 27.3.d
    Baltic Sea (Division IIId)

Subarea 27.4 North Sea (Subarea IV) 

  • Division 27.4.a
    Northern North Sea (Division IVa)
  • Division 27.4.b
    Central North Sea (Division IVb)
  • Division 27.4.c
    Southern North Sea (Division IVc)

Subarea 27.5 Iceland and Faeroes Grounds (Subarea V)

  • Division 27.5.a
    Iceland Grounds (Division Va)
  • Division 27.5.b
    Faeroes Grounds (Division Vb)

Subarea 27.6 Rockall, Northwest Coast of Scotland and North Ireland, (the Northwest Coast of Scotland and North Ireland also known as the West of Scotland) (Subarea VI)

  • Division 27.6.a
    Northwest Coast of Scotland and North Ireland or as the West of Scotland (Division VIa)
  • Division 27.6.b
    Rockall (Division VIb)

Subarea 27.7 Irish Sea, West of Ireland, Porcupine Bank, Eastern and Western English Channel, Bristol Channel, Celtic Sea North and South, and Southwest of Ireland - East and West (Subarea VII)

  • Division 27.7.a
    Irish Sea (Division VIIa)
  • Division 27.7.b
    West of Ireland (Division VIIb)
  • Division 27.7.c
    Porcupine Bank (Division VIIc)
  • Division 27.7.d
    Eastern English Channel (Division VIId)
  • Division 27.7.e
    Western English Channel (Division VIIe)
  • Division 27.7.f
    Bristol Channel (Division VIIf)
  • Division 27.7.g
    Celtic Sea North (Division VIIg)
  • Division 27.7.h
    Celtic Sea South ( Division VIIh)
  • Division 27.7.j
    Southwest of Ireland / East (Division VIIj)
  • Division 27.7.k
    Southwest of Ireland - West (Division VIIk)

Subarea 27.8 Bay of Biscay (Subarea VIII)

  • Division 27.8.a
    Bay of Biscay / North (Division VIIIa)
  • Division 27.8.b
    Bay of Biscay / Central (Division VIIIb)
  • Division 27.8.c
    Bay of Biscay / South (Division VIIIc)
  • Division 27.8.d
    Bay of Biscay / Offshore (Division VIIId)
  • Division 27.8.e
    West of Bay of Biscay (Division VIIIe)

Subarea 27.9 Portuguese Waters (Subarea IX)

  • Division 27.9.a
    Portuguese Waters / East (Division IXa)
  • Division 27.9.b
    Portuguese Waters / West (Division IXb)

Subarea 27.10 Azores Grounds (Subarea X)

  • Division 27.10.a
    Azores Grounds (Division Xa)
  • Division 27.10.b
    Northeast Atlantic South (Division Xb)

Subarea 27.12 North of Azores (Subarea XII)

  • Division 27.12.a
    Southern mid-Atlantic Ridge (Southern Reykjanes Ridge south to Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone) (Division XIIa)
  • Division 27.12.b
    Western Hatton Bank (Division XIIb)
  • Division 27.12.c
    Central Northeast Atlantic - South (Division XIIc)

Subarea 27.14 East Greenland (Subarea XIV)

  • Division 27.14.a
    Northeast Greenland (Division XIVa)
  • Division 27.14.b
    Southeast Greenland (Division XIVb)

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