Commercial designations

Commercial designation Scientific names
seiche pharaon Sepia pharaonis
sériole chicard Seriola lalandi
sériole lalandi Seriola lalandi
serpenton Ophichthus remiger
sevruga Acipenser stellatus
shadine ronde Etrumeus teres synonym for Etrumeus sadina
siki Centrocymnus coelolepis synonym for Centroscymnus coelolepis
silure (freshwater) Silurus glanis
silure-glane Silurus glanis
sockeye Oncorhynchus nerka
sole Solea solea
sole commune Solea solea
sole tropicale
sole-langue Cynoglossus cynoglossus
sole-langue de Guinée Cynoglossus monodi
sole-langue sénégalaise Cynoglossus senegalensis
St-Jacques Pecten maximus
sterlet Acipenser ruthenus

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